About our brand


About 10 years ago, for the occasion of his nephew’s birth, the CEO of SEDEM (Société des Etablissements Maillet) had the idea to knit a blanket and to personalize it by specifying little Antoine’s first name, date and time of birth, his weight and height.

The success is immediate! A lot of requests are received from close family members and employers. The blanket becomes available in three colors: beige, light blue and rose. Then, the web-site www.naissance-cadeau.com, with little Antoine as a muse, is launched for online orders in France and abroad.

Today, the range of gifts is extended with a toys stocking and a scarf.

Since 2005, all items are knitted and manufactured in Vendee region (France), at historic site of the Company and in accordance with French savvy.

The company gives particular attention to the choice of yarns, knitting process and quality of production to ensure your child feeling comfortably.

Personalized gifts are shipped directly from the manufacturer, accompanied with a lovely greeting card and your personal message.